I’m in the process of writing my first mystery novel. While it is still untitled, it will be the first book in my new Murder Script series. You can learn more about it at In the meantime, here’s a quick intro.

About the Murder Script Series

The Murder Script mystery novel series revolves around the life of Grace Atwood — a former wedding planner who now plans murder mystery parties. Grace could never imagine this career for herself. But when she’s driven out of her wedding planning business by a nasty specimen of Southeast Pennsylvania’s upper class suburbanite crowd, her best friend suggests a murder party as a way to vent while putting her talents to use again.

The first murder mystery party is such a hit that friends and neighbors hire Grace to plan all of their quirky events. The growing trend takes a sinister turn when Grace is accused of murder. Grace’s nemesis, Kennedy Price — the woman who destroyed her former career, is killed at a murder party Grace arranged. But it turns out Kennedy’s friends are in short supply. Can Grace and her new assistant and murder script writer, Oliver, prove her innocence and help capture a killer? Or is Grace destined to be ruined yet again?