Murder Mysteries

What Attracts You to Murder Mysteries?

I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries — from reading them to watching them to writing them. I generally prefer cozies over grittier murder mysteries. What about you? Why?

Today I’d like to explore a few of the reasons I love murder mysteries so much, and I’d love to hear why you’re a fan of the genre too. Here are some of the biggest reasons I’m attracted to murder mysteries.

  • Mysteries are puzzles, plain and simple. I like to challenge myself. I like a story that keeps me guessing. And I love mysteries that ultimately surprise me in the end.
  • Why murder mysteries as opposed to other types of mysteries? I think the biggest issue is that the stakes are high. Sure, a heist might be fun. But if I’m not genuinely afraid for the story’s hero or heroine, I become less invested in that character. “Lesser” types of mysteries don’t give me that same connection.
  • Murder mysteries go beyond crime reporting. Sure, you can hear about murders on the news. But you don’t get to explore the complexity of the people involved. There’s a harder line drawn between the good and bad people in real life, but things are never really that clear cut. Novels and murder mystery shows get to explore those complexities giving me sympathy or empathy with the killer sometimes as much as the victim.

Those are just a few of the reasons I love murder mysteries. Do other elements draw you into them? Tell me what you love about a good murder in the comments below.

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