Murder Scripts

Pick Your Poison

Even though I’ve fully outlined the first Murder Script mystery, I know who gets killed, and I know who the killer is, I have yet to decide on a final murder weapon. Don’t get me wrong. I have an idea. I know it needs to be poison. It’s which poison to choose that has me stumped.

One thing I know is that the poison has be related to plants — gardening, agriculture, etc. That’s a common theme I’ve tied a number of suspects to, giving them all adequate knowledge and opportunity.

The thing is, it’s not enough to have the poison be plant-related. It has to have applications that cross the personal-commercial line to make all of the suspects truly viable. I want it to be easily accessible, not too fast-acting, and not expected.

So these days I feel like I spend as much time pouring through books and websites about poisons and poisonous plants as I do actually writing and editing the book. This is why I could never actually kill someone. They’d likely die of old age long before I chose a method.

Perhaps I’ll narrow it down and post some contenders here for your vote on which would be the most interesting poison to work with. Or not. I haven’t decided yet. If I can’t pick one poison, who’s to say I could pick several? But keep an eye on Twitter. The novel might just get a little bit interactive.

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