Can’t wait for the Murder Script mystery novel series? You won’t have to. Check out these other soon-to-be-launched projects that will tide you over in the meantime.

Murder Script: Murder Mystery Party Games

Have you ever thought about attending or hosting a murder mystery party like those Grace Atwood plans for clients in the upcoming Murder Script series? If so, you should check out for more than book updates. I’ll also sell exclusive downloadable murder party game packs on the site in the near future.

Quick Mysteries

As a writer I believe in releasing the highest quality books possible. But I also believe in being a bit more relaxed when it comes to Web publishing, and letting readers get to know me. As a reader I love getting a glimpse at an author’s process — what things look like before editors get their hands on the work.

In light of that, I’m soon launching — a casual mystery blog featuring quick mystery stories. They will be short self-edited mysteries (similar to a typical blog post in length). Some will be rougher stories I write for the fun of it and choose to share. Others will be stories I want to flesh out before readers’ eyes for the sake of experimentation and feedback. Some will never see readers beyond the blog. Others might later be fleshed out and put through a more formal editing and production process in novel form, short story collections, or some other format.